My 5 Favorite Snacks in Paris

I've been to Paris a couple of times now and I have to say that there are a couple of things that I absolutely MUST have whenever I am there.

Hot Chocolate next to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France

Chocolat Chaude

Hot Chocolate in Paris is unlike anything you've ever experienced.  It's so good that I went out of my way to get to a grocery store to pick up some cocoa powder so that I could attempt to replicate it when I got back home.  I have since made it and it's not as good, but it's close enough to hold me over until my next trip across the pond.

Nutella Crepes

Crepes are a popular food in France and you can get a variety of fillings in it.  Cheese, fruit, chocolate, and my personal favorite: Nutella.  Whether you like Hazelnut or not, you should give this one a try.  These are warm and chocolaty and delicious

Fresh Bread

Simple, plain, easy, and cheap.  These are a few of my favorite things about any experience in life.  Bread in France is surprisingly inexpensive, especially for the quality of the bread you get. Just strolling into a shop and grabbing a croissant or baguette to munch on between sights is well wroth it!

 Pain au Chocolat

I have searched high and low to find this treat in the US and I have fallen short EVERYWHERE!  Chocolate Bread is a misleading name because it is more like 2 strips of chocolate wrapped in bread and baked.  They are one of the most incredible things I've ever eaten.


This may seem like a stretch, but I'm here to tell you the Coca-Cola tastes different in almost every country I have been to.  It is something that you should experience.  I love drinking Coke when I am in Europe, because it tastes so much better than the Coke in the states.

In case you haven't noticed, I have a sweet tooth.  It would seem almost all of my favorite snacks are chocolaty in nature.  If you are a salty snack person, I'm afraid I can't really help you accept to say that you can get crepes full of cheese, which are also good.