Cruise to Mexico: Day 4

Leaving Cozumel, Mexico

Good Morning!  I slept so hard this morning that I forgot where I was for a minute.  My coffee and danishes arrived right on time today and it was a lovely way to greet the day.  The sun was shining and the Gulf of Mexico was bright in my windows. Whenever I am on a cruise, I sleep with the blinds open.  That way, I wake up with the sun, rather than a noisy alarm. It makes for a lovely view first thing in the morning, too.

Today was our last day at sea and the last full day of the trip.  In the middle of the night tonight, we should be hitting the Mississippi River again and then we’ll put into the Port of New Orleans early in the morning.  But, that’s tomorrow. Today held some low key and fun activities. Trivia and board games, more food and time in the casino. All around, the last day was delightful and relaxing.  That’s my favorite thing about vacation. The reset button has to be hit every so often on the brain. Sleeping so hard that I forget where I am is a pretty good way to do that.

Breakfast in the cafeteria was good and trivia started early in the morning.  Harry Potter trivia, followed by Friends trivia. My family is obsessed, so I tagged along.  My sister ended up winning the Harry Potter trivia, much to the chagrin of many teenagers and she got a cute little trophy.  I was able to contribute a single answer to Friends trivia, for which I was very proud. There was a scavenger hunt that we evaluated and quickly dismissed.

We went our separate ways for a while.  I ended up in my cabin for a bit in the afternoon and then back in the casino.  I know, I know, but I learned how to play roulette on this trip and I ended up having a great time playing.  I even made a little money at it. There was some deck wandering and minimal involvement in things, which was nice.  We were making our way back to the mouth of the Mississippi at a slow pace and in general, enjoying our last full day of the cruise.

Room service Rueben and potato salad int he quiet of my room

There was room service involved and some cards being played in the room.  A couple rounds of drinks and the evening show in the theater wounded out the day.  The show was incredible. I can’t believe these people perform like this every night.  I wonder how they keep up the energy. The performers were wonderful and there was even a little bit of pyrotechnics involved.  The theme was “America Rocks” and it was all 70’s and 80’s rock music being sung in 90 second increments. Forty five minutes of delight, as far as I’m concerned.  Everyone was singing along and apart from a few moments of wondering whether this show was supposed to be rated R, it was wonderful. On occasion, the dancers get a little closer than it seems they should for a family show.  It was still great.

Carnival cruise show

Afterwards, I headed back to the casino and apart from some incredibly rude fellow passengers who made a nasty habit out of moving my chips and those belonging to other players at the table, it wasn’t a bad evening.  There were giveaways and some cruise friends of mine even ended up winning a cruise. The best advice out of today is stay the hell out of the casino on the last night. There’s nothing but kid’s movies on the deck and everybody is in there trying to lose the last of their money.  It is not conducive to a relaxing evening gambling.

After the irritating people in the casino, I came back to my room to pack everything up except those things necessary to debark in the morning.  All of the necessary information was politely passed under my door so that I would know everything that I needed for tomorrow.

That’s all for today.  I hope that you enjoyed another day of my cruise to Mexico.  Tune in tomorrow to see what the debarkation holds.

Thanks, y’all!

Lulu Avano